The Time Machine Mentality

There is a reason time machines and time travel are an often talked about in our society.   I think may people would give up knowing the winning lottery numbers in exchange for changing key pieces of their life. The sheer idea of being able to go back and change certain parts of our lives can keep the mind busy for hours. Imagine if you could go back and tell yourself about how important certain moments in your life really are. Disregard all the theories about alternate time lines, ripple effects, and other problems with messing with the past. The real problem is if you subscribe to the theory that everything that happens has a greater purpose.   By changing the past you might not have the opportunity to do something, meet someone, or experience things you would not otherwise.  Feelings can push us further than we otherwise would.

So while a time machine would be a fix, it would be the easy way out. In order to appreciate what we have we have to go through some trials and tribulations.

Greenpeace – From Slashdot

“Gizmodo published this morning allegations by the bromine industry claiming that Greenpeace’s report on the iPhone was inaccurate and alarmist. They got an official rebuttal to the bromine industry by Greenpeace, but the most interesting part is their acknowledgment that their targeting of Apple, even while they have similar reports on every manufacturers, is a deliberate attempt to grab headlines. While it’s logical and not surprising, I find it quite shocking to see them be so cavalier, and even hypocritical, about it.”

My Flickr Saga…So Far

I have been testing Flickr’s e-mail posting options. Rather I have been getting frustrated.  Lots of people of their forums and on the web are saying it’s broken and has been broken for awhile. Would have been perfect for what I am wanting.

iPhone Bricks

From Slashdot

“It was rumored last week, and Apple has now confirmed it: ‘Apple said today that a firmware update to the iPhone due to be released later this week “will likely result” in SIM-unlocked iPhones turning into very expensive bricks… So what are users of SIM-unlocked iPhones to do? Not run the latest software update, that’s for sure. Users can instead pray to the hacking deities — the famed iPhone Dev Team that released the free software unlock, and iPhoneSIMfree, which released a commercial software unlock — to write applications that will undo the unlocks, as it were, if those users want to run the latest iPhone software.'”